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How to play?

1. I`ve joined. Now what? location

Locations that you see on are the locations from your Foursquare, Gowalla or Facebook account. Your locations have been added to automatically when you have connected your account with We`ve imported your history so that you don’t have to start playing from scratch.

You become an Ouster when you check-in frequently in the same locations!

2. How do I create a territory? territorie

When you become an Ouster in at least three locations, your locations create a territory. If there is any intersection with other territories, the level of influence of these other users is taken into account.

Be careful, only locations that are less than TWO KILOMETERS (1.242742 mi) from each other can form a territory.

3. Making my territory bigger? territory bigger

After creating a territory, you can also make it bigger. Look for nearby venues and decide who you can oust to increase the size of your territory. You can also create new venues nearby and expand your territory this way.

You can check-in or create new venues on Foursquare, Gowalla or Facebook Places and these venues will be added to as well.

4. Plan your strategy! strategy

Planning is everything on

Look for locations that are near your locations or territories, go out into the night and oust them. The next time you log in, your territories will be bigger and your score higher.

5. No territory, no locations, no fun? / Geo location service

Start using your geo location service on your mobile device and start doing check-ins. You’ll immediately notice your progress on

Have fun with and start competing with your friends. Which one of you is the better Ouster?